What is library in C ? Give Exmaples.

C libraries are set of files which contains set of functions, macros etc. to handle task for input / output ,string handling and other operating system services.

Some standard libraries in c and their uses :



<errno.h>   For testing error codes reported by library functions.
<math.h>  Defines common mathematical functions.
<signal.h>  Defines signal handling functions.
<stdarg.h>  For accessing a varying number of arguments passed to functions.
<stdbool.h>  Defines a boolean data type.
<stdio.h>  Defines core input and output functions
<stdlib.h>  Defines numeric conversion functions, pseudo-random numbers generation functions, memory allocation, process control functions
<string.h>  Defines string handling functions.
<time.h>  Defines date and time handling functions
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