Basic Data Structure

Basic Data Structure

Data Structure :

Data structure is a way to store and organize your data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.

We will discuss about following data structures :


Array :
Array is a collection of same data type. It is used to group same data type elements, such as roll-nos, names of a class students etc. It is known as one of the data structure in C.
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Linked List

Linked List is a data structure consisting of a group of nodes which together represents a sequence. Each node has data value and reference to the next node in the sequence. It a example of dynamic data structure it can be grow and shrink at run time.It can be used to handle data which can grow and shrink at any time.

Singly Linked List

Doubly Linked List

Circular Linked List

Memory Efficient Doubly Linked List

Binary Tree:

Binary tree is a tree data structure, A binary tree consist of nodes. Each node has atmost two child nodes ( left and right) which points to left and right subtree. Root points to the root (top most node) of tree.It is also an example of dynamic data structure , it can add and remove node. Used for database applications.

Binary Search Tree


Stack is a LIFO ( Last In First Out ) Data structure. In this principle operations on stack are push (insert an element in stack) , pop (Remove an element from stack).

Stack implementation using array in C

Stack implementation using linked list in C


Queue is a FIFO ( First in First Out) Data structure. In this principle operations on queue are enqueue(insert an ekement in queue) and dequeue (remove an element from queue)

Queue implementation using linked list in C

Hash table :

Hash table is a data structure used to implement an associative array which can map key-value pairs. Key value pairs are mapped using hash function. This data structure is used to retrieve information quickly as possible.


Hashing is the process of mapping large amount of data item to a smaller position in table with the help of hash function . The use of hash function is to reduce time in searching an element in table.

Hash table implementation using an array.

Collision Resolution in Hash Table using linked list

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