C Code Examples

C code to perform operation on array and basic input output of int,float,char ,string in c.

C Code Examples :

Basic I/O Array Operation
Integer  input Array input
Float input Array Sorting
Char input   >Basic Method
String input   >Bubble Sort
  >Insertion Sort
  >Quick Sort
  >Heap Sort 

>Counting Sort

Star pattern printing using C code :

C code  to pattern printing using stars and string function implementation to perform string manipulations.

Star printing patterns in C                           String function implementation

Aeroplane pattern printing using stars  Copy string into another (cstrcpy)
Pyramid pattern printing using stars  Calculate length of a string (cstrlen)
Rev pyramid printing using stars  Sub string from a string (csubstr)
Diamond pattern printing using stars  Compare strings  (cstrcmp)
Triangle pattern printing using stars


C Code to play with numbers

Find a perfect number Print Pascal Triangle
Find a factorial of a number Fibonacci series
Find pair of numbers in array that add to given sum Check whether given no is palindrome or not
Narcissistic Number (Armstrong Number)


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