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C codes.

Check whether string can be generated from given grammar ?

Write a code to check whether given string can be generated from given grammar ?

Grammar  :

S – > 122S
S – > 12S
S – > 1S
S – > “”

Input :
Output :


Input :


O = > False (Cannot be generated)

1 = > True (Can be generated)




Find the occurence of each number from array in O(n) ?

Find the the occurrence of each number from given array of size n , where elements ranges from 0 to n-1 ?
Complexity : O(n)
Space complexity : O(1)
5 3 3 2 1 3 8 7 3
3 occurs 4 times

Solution :

Code provided by : Arpit Agrawal

What is dangling pointer ?

In programming dangling pointer is pointer which doesn’t point to valid object or memory. Dangling pointer arises when some memory is deallocated or deleted and pointing pointers value is not modified. So pointing pointer still points to the deleted memory address which is invalid. This pointer is known as dangling pointer. When some process tries to modify the address which is pointed by dangling pointer it causes segmentation fault in your program.


Causes of dangling pointer :

1. when global variable points the some variable in function or local block.

Solution :

initialize ptr=NULL immediate after block completion

2. Deallocating dynamic memory using free()

Solution :

After deallocation  of memory, immediate initialize pointer to NULL.

3. declaration of pointer

Solution :



C code to hide input password

C program to hide input password with *
In this code Password accepts all character except ‘\n’ .





Narcissistic Number (Armstrong Number)

Narcissistic Number is a number that is the sum of its own digits each raised to the power of the number of digits.


153 = 13+53+33
1634 = 14+64+34+44

C code for finding whether given number is Narcissistic Number or not.

Code provided by : Manoj

infix to postfix conversion of expression code

Infix notation : Infix notation is the common arithmetic and logical notation, in which operator is written between operand.



Postfix notation: Operators are written after their operands.

1 2 3 + * 4 /

Some Examples of conversion of infix to postfix expression

Infix Postfix
A * B + C / D 

A * (B + C) / D

A B * C D / + 

A B C + * D /


Infix to postfix conversion of expression code in C


Print Binary representation of a number in c

C code to print binary representation of a number :



Check whether given number is palindrome or not

Approach :

store the given number into some other variable then reverse the number and compare it with stored no. If both the numbers are same then the given number is palindrome.

Example :

Given No             Reversed No                     Equal               Palindrome

123                           321                                       No                            No

121                            121                                      Yes                         Yes


C code to check whether given number is palindrome or not.

Code provided by Lalit Kumar